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August 27, 2015

ODISHA BIENNALE 2015 "Mélange"



is a socio-cultural event to be held between 26th October to 1st November in Bhubaneswar, which will bring together artists, critics, teachers, students and art enthusiasts from all over the world. Through live performances, workshops, exhibitions and interactive sessions, ODISHA BIENNALE aims to build a variety of cross-cultural discourses in the fields of dance, art, music, photography, film, design and fashion in an international context with special attention to creating a sustainable environment by amalgamating social causes with the reaches of cultural and artistic efforts. By inviting internationally acclaimed artists to Bhubaneswar, ODISHA BIENNALE will evolve and advance in bringing Odisha to a new level of development in artistic and cultural exchange with the world. In addition, working closely with children, ODISHA BIENNALE aims to bring forth a generation of inspired young minds to take forward the message of Mudra Foundation to represent the heritage of Odisha globally. An exciting endeavor, ODISHA BIENNALE looks at challenging traditional thinking and encouraging new levels of enthusiasm for innovative and creative expression. With the increased awareness, Odisha will truly become a dynamic hub for current ideas and an open society that encourages freedom of expression and debate, significantly benefiting the society socially, economically and culturally.

THEME 'Mélange'
As the theme suggests ODISHA BIENNALE 2015 will be a true amalgamation of art, artists and art lovers in all senses. From the plethora of artists gracing the festival, to the variety of events and attendees, ODISHA BIENNALE will be a unique alloy of national and international artists who would put together their skills to form a canvas of creative experiments and experiences that aim to inspire, motivate, teach and share. This will allow a faithful mixture of ideas not only in individual art forms but also inter-disciplinary collaborations. By providing a unique platform we aim to both increase the desire to create and also to nurture a deep sense of inter-culturality, which will help in a greater understanding of the importance of culture and communication for solving present challenges at a global scale. We aim to promote interest in art and culture with a view to stimulate innovation, creativity and with a keen understanding of cultural diversity and expression. ODISHA BIENNALE, through collaboration will highlight how marginalized cultures can regain cultural recognition through collaboration with international artists, allowing them to innovate on a larger platform.

DATE : 26th Oct 2015 to 1st Nov 2015
VENUE : Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

ODISHA BIENNALE 2015 invites international and Indian artists to showcase their own repertoires and new works, and organise workshops by the invited artists We select works of 4 emerging artists in the beginning stages of their careers and present their work during ODISHA BIENNALE 2015. The 4 artists or artist groups would be complimented with the participation in the workshops by the invited artists, and the interactive talk sessions with the art critics, connoisseurs, and scholars who witness the ODISHA BIENNALE 2015. ODISHA BIENNALE 2015 will have 4 main activities in the performing arts section: showcasing of invited artists, showcasing of emerging artists, workshops by the invited artists and interactive talk sessions with art connoisseurs & artists.

Not only fine arts, ODISHA BIENNALE 2015 will exhibit also pop culture, advertising design, and fashion etc which excels. We will create a flat platform breaking the boundary of those categories and create a new dimension into the contemporary art. The art works will be exhibited for 1 week in a gallery in Odisha. We will organise artist in residency for a month to create a collaboration production between an international artist and local artists and will showcase during ODISHA BIENNALE 2015.

ODISHA BIENNALE 2015 will focus on documentary film this time. We will strive to search for a creative production beyond the categories of photo exhibition or film screening.

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