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"Hej då Campanella!" inspired by a story 'Night On The Milky Way Train' by Kenji Miyazawa

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Photography Nelson Rodriquez-Smith

60 min. Multi Media Dance Performance

5th Dec. 2015
INKONST Malmö, Sweden

Rumiko Otsuka: Director / Choreographer / Dancer
Kunihiko Matsuo: Co-director, Scenographer / Audio & visual artist
Junji Koyanagi: Programing, Scenographer / Audio & visual artist
Elin Weileth: Composer / Dancer
Imre Zsibrik:Technick / Lighting Design
Chiara Pellizzer: Costume
Khosro Adibi / Khamlane Halsackda: Dramaturgy / Mentor
Hanna Falk: Producer

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Inspired by the book Night on the milky way train by the japanese authour Kenji Miyazawa coreographer Rumiko Otsuka makes her first full lenght performance adressing the question of self-sacrifice in realtion to happiness.
Hej då Campanella! is a Swedish/Japanese collaboration between choreographer Rumiko Otsuka and audio and visual artists Kunihiko Matsuo and juni Koyanagi.
The beloved japanese author Kenji Miazawa (d. 1933) is a representation of japanese traditions. As a devoted buddist self-sacrifice is a reoccuring theme in his litterary world and is also one of the hightest valued virtues in Japan. By investigating Miyazawas work Rumiko Otsuka explores our relation to self-sacrifice as a way to happiness.

Kenji Miyazawa
(1896-1933) is one of Japan' s most beloved writers and poets, known particularly for his sensitive and symbolist children' s fiction.
120 years ago the author Kenji Miyazawa was born in Hanamaki, the northern part of Japan, He was a teacher, an engineer and a philosopher.
He lived in an era when the treat of world war II was growing and he died at the early age of 37, in 1933.
Through his stories he reflected his experiences of life and the philosophies that he believed, greatly influenced by his sister' s death.
Night on the milky way train is a collection of journey' s. A child' s journey through life .... and death, symbolizing the path we all take and the choices we must make...

[ Saraswati / Benzaiten ] Rie Goto + Masako Ono + Matsuo Kunihiko + Rashmi Bhatt + So Sugiura + Darmesh Jadeja



19:30 5th Dec. 2014
at Xue Xue Institute Taipei

Rie Goto : Poetry Reading
Masako Ono : Dance
Matsuo Kunihiko : Direction & AudioVisual
Rashmi Bhatt : Percussions/Vocal
So Sugiura : 胡弓
Darmesh Jadeja : Live calligraphy

ONE ASIA project
ONE ASIA project is dedicated to Human Unity. We are a non-commercial enterprise started in Auroville, India in 2010. Our aim is to present Asia's cultural richness and profound spirituality to the world in order to create a new cultural milieu.

ONE ASIA 2014 in Taipei "An Offering to Mahasaraswati - 辯才天縁起" Chapter- Faiths from Jyoti Naoki Eri on Vimeo.



PERFORMANCE II, dos noches de performance que incluyen "Re-collections" por Yuko Kominami y "Otoño" por Ana Zavala.

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo - Lima
Av. Miguel Grau 1511, Lima 04 Barranco, Lima, Peru
21:00 6th 7th May 2014

Download RecollectionsTechRider.pdf

Re-collections is a performance which aims to connect memories from the past and the future of a place by sharing memories of the present together.

The stage is surrouded by trees and ponds, and covered with dried cow dung. In the middle of it, a bed-size white "monolith" stands like an alien substance. Various images are projected on this monolith, which might seem, at first sight, alien to the place but in fact they are to awaken forgotten memories of the place. While these images are running, the dancer dances as if she were placing new memories on the land.

The electronic sounds, intersecting airwaves, field recordings from far away places are played live and interglated into the environmental sound of the place, making a soundscape which is unique to the present. And also the the sound of the drum pushing the dancer into moving. By experiencing this site-specific performance as a device to feel the past, present and future as a loose and continuous flow of time closely connected to the place, and not as History with the capital letter, the audience can realise that they themselves are one of the component of the memories of here and now.

The space where this is performed can be from historical site to absolutely anonymous space, both outside or inside, however, ideally it is better not to be a conventional theatre space.

Dance: Yuko Kominami

Video: Kunihiko Matsuo

Music: Tomás Tello

recollections trailer from Yuko Kominami on Vimeo.

[ DAYDREAM ] Masako Ono - Matsuo Kunihiko


Dance : Masako Ono
Audio Visual / Direction : Matsuo Kunihiko

小野雅子 来日公演 Masako Ono ~Journeying Beyond ~

~Journeying Beyond ~
Join us for an evening of contemporary and traditional dance with Odissi dancer Masako Ono. Experience journeys beyond borders of India and Japan, beyond body and spirit, beyond old and new, and beyond our present limits.

【オディッシーダンサー小野雅子 来日公演】
会場:慶應義塾大学日吉キャンパス 来往舎シンポジウムスペース

18:00-19:00 小野雅子パフォーマンス
19:00-19:30 アフタートーク 石井達朗(舞踊評論家)×小野雅子
20:00-21:00 アートフェス「Odisha Biennale comes to Hiyoshi」オープニングレセプション

東京都出身 インド オディシャ州在住
モダンダンス、ヒップホップ等を経て、1996年からオディッシーダンスを学ぶために渡印。世界レベルのインド舞踊家を育成輩出するインド舞踊名門校ヌリッティアグラムに入門。卒業後2001年からソロ公演を始め、世界各国にて公演。2007年から日本人としては唯一のインド政府公認オディッシーダンサーとなり、同年、NHK BS1「ファーストジャパニーズ」に出演。2008年NEWSWEEK誌「世界が最も尊敬する日本人100人」の一人として選ばれる。現在は、公演を中心に活動する傍ら、異分野のアーティストとのコラボレーションによる、コンテンポラリー・トラディショナルな舞を展開中。2009年に「アートをみんなに」というコンセプトでムドラーファンデーションを立ち上げ、2013年からはオディシャ・ビエンナーレを主催。

Odissi Dance


アートフェスタ「オディシャ・ビエンナーレ comes to日吉」
2014年2月6日~2月8日 於来往舎ギャラリー


Pre-view & Artist talk 'Good Bye Campanella' 銀河鉄道の夜



Good bye Campanella

大塚留珠子 小柳淳嗣 松尾邦彦

日時:15 jan 2014 19:30開場
於:文明 〒102-0071 東京都 千代田区富士見1-7-9


The Beginning Of The End / The End Of The Beginning by Tomas Tello and Kunihiko Matsuo


[The Beginning Of The End / The End Of The Beginning]
an audiovisual piece by Tomas Tello and Kunihiko Matsuo
will be screened in the video section of SIMULTAN FESTIVAL 11-13 oct. 2012 timisoara, romania.


Rie Goto + Kunihiko Matsuo Live at Sakaiki

Live at Sakaiki Tokyo Oct. 09 2011

Rie Goto : Poetry reading

Kunihiko Matsuo : Audio Visual









出演:白川万紗子 川島和明 高城ツヨシ 杉山文雄 飯田静香 石渡陽子 坂本知子 柴崎正道
照明:石田道彦 音楽:野澤美香 音響:須藤力 舞台監督:原田拓巳 舞台美術:安部田保彦 
映像:松尾邦彦 撮影:片岡陽太 衣装:ROCCA WORKS

東京メトロ有楽町線・副都心線/西武有楽町線「小竹向原」駅 下車4番出口より徒歩3分
東京都板橋区向原2-22-17 すぺいすしょう向原B1

6月24日(金) 19:30
6月25日(土) 15:00/19:30
6月26日(日) 15:00

前売・予約=3,000円 当日=3,500円



提携:(有)アゴラ企画・こまばアゴラ劇場 アトリエ春風舎

[ URUVAM ] by Hemabharathy Palani ,Rangashankara, Bangalore India



Hemabharathy Palani ,India
Jan 30th, 7.30 PM (a part of Mixed Bill -an evening of six eclectic performances) Rangashankara

Hemabharathy Palani -- winner of the Robert Bosch Young Choreographer's Award 2009 -- has evolved a unique movement style by blending the distilled vocabularies of Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi with the freedom of contemporary dance. Hemabharathy uses the Indian mythological story of Ambe as a starting point for Uruvam. Though versions of the story differ in their facts, the central theme of anguish and the giving up of one's body and sexual identity in order to access a greater range of rights and actions remains. The stories underline the sense of power and conflict that this decision to change entails. Hemabharathy draws inspiration from these to create her piece Uruvam, where she has delved into the ideas of form and transformation.

Choreography, Performance Hemabharathy Palani
Music Composition & Production Leah Barclay
Vocals Sumathi Murthy
Light Design K.R. Nandakishore
Set Design Arun Sagar
Digital Design Matsuo Kunihiko
Interactive Projection (Assisted by) Shymon Chelad
Costume Design Sonali & Himanshu of Hidden Harmony Video Documentation Tahireh Lal
Photo Credits Sheetal Jain & Anoop Kumar

[ NAGARIKA 2 - Kalaripayattu ] installation


NAGARIKA 2 - Kalaripayattu

Attakkalari ,India
Jan 29th, NGMA

Presenting the output of seminal research into the concepts of body and principles of movement embedded in classical dance Bharatanatyam and martial art Kalarippayattu, the installation has video images of the masters and young artists in action, detailed interviews, contextual information, analysis and explanation. The images have been shot from multiple angles and the graphics as well as the information architecture of the interactive DVD is designed to allow easy and customised navigation.

Project Direction Jayachandran Palazhy
Design Christian Ziegler
Information Architecture and Programming Kunihiko Matsuo and Junji Koyanagi
Cinematography G S Bhaskar
Masters of Bharatanatyam Leela Samson, The Dhananjayans, and Prof. C.V. Chandrashekhar
The Kalarippayattu Schools Hindustan, EPV and Choorakkody Kalaris

Bharatanatyam project supported by the Daniel Langlois Foundation and Goethe-Institut /Max Mueller Bhavan and Kalarippayattu project supported by Ford Foundation.

[ Aayodhanam ] Attakkalari India Biennial 2011. inaugural event



Artistic Direction Jayachandran Palazhy
Choreography Jayachandran Palazhy & dancers
Dancers Hema Bharathy Palani, Diya Naidu, Denny Paul, Santhosh V.S, Sumesh V.M., Ajeesh Kannathara, Raam Kumar, Keya D'Souza, Sahiba Singh, Ronita Mukherji, Parth Bhardwaj, Amaresha Kempanna, Lalit Khatana, Sylvester Mardi and Meghana Nambiar
Music Patrick Sebag and Yotam Agam (K&G Business Class Refugees (EarthSync)
Light Design Thomas Dotzler
Media Architecture, Video Matsuo Kunihiko & Chris Ziegler
Costumes Elan Design Studio

Tilt by Anusha Lall

final poster.jpg

Danced by Mehneer Sudan, Mandeep Raikhy, Veena Basavarajaiah & Anusha Lall

Music by Samrat Bhardwaj, Suchet Malhotra & P.Vetri Boopathy

Interactive Media Design by Matsuo Kunihiko

[City On The Move] Attakkalari India Biennial 2009. Opening event


Kunihiko MATSUO will be joining the opening site specific performance of Attakkalari India Biennial 2009 to be held on the 6th February 2009.

Attakkalari India Biennial will open with On the Move - a dynamic site-specific promenade performance featuring dance, martial arts, acoustic and computer generated music, visual projections, large scale colorful carnival costumes and innovative lights. On the Move will challenge the idea of space and architecture by offering new perceptions of the site of performance linking it to the city- its locations, histories and lives of the people. Electrifying moves of dancers and martial artists from India, Spain, Africa and the UK are set to a captivating score by Lorenzo Brucci and a team of Indian and Portugese percussionists. Site design, visual projections and lights are by Japanese artists Kunihiko Matsuo, Naoki Hamanaka and Mitsuaki Matsumoto as well as Christian Ziegler (Germany) and Thomas Dotzler (Sweden). Spectacular costumes are designed by Ali Pretty and team from Kinetika (UK).

Capturing the spirit of migration, relocation and enduring flux, On the Move invokes images of disciplined martial practices and dance traditions; chaotic streets teeming with automobiles, people and activities; colorful markets, houses of worships, construction sites and call centers; processions, festivities and exercises in the park etc. Truly a collaborative effort of artists from different parts of the world, drawing from their individual journeys as well as the historical ones such as spice trades of yester years, On the Move portrays urban life, its little joys as well as trials and tribulations.

Physical performance:
Led by choreographers such as Jayachandran Palazhy, Moya Michael (Belgium), Jou (Japan), Anani (Africa) as well as Spanish & British choreographers of Brouhaha, Nakula Somana, Dil Sagar, Rakesh, Hema Bharathy and Denny Paul celebrated Kalari martial artists from India, contemporary dancers from the UK, Africa and India as well as Flamenco dancers from Spain create a rich and fresh movement language for the piece. Dynamic contemporary moves mix with distilled lines of Bharatanatyam and exuberance of Bollywood dance. Local folk artists (dancers)

Classical sounds of L Subramanium (in negotiation), Hariharan (Mizhavu) and a team of percussionists will be woven into a fabric of sound scapes created by Lorenzo Brucci, Kunihiko Matsuo and Mitsuaki Matsumoto by mapping the city sonically. Sounds of the city - builders, widening roads, markets, call centre taxis, motorcycles, autos, push carts, cafes, bars, Mobile phones, ring tones, FM radio etc. will feed into the sonic fabric of the piece.

Visual treatment and interactivity:
Cutting edge digital artist Kunihiko Matsuo and Christian Ziegler will work on the visual projections and interactive scenography of the piece challenging and shifting our perceptions. Architect Naoki Hamanaka and light designer Thomas Dotzler will enhance the visual feast with imaginative lighting.

Ali Pretty and her team from Kinetika will work with students of National Institute of Fashion Technology

This UK-based organization develops quality arts and cultural projects and programmes including carnivals that meet the aspirations of diverse communities at a local, national and international level. They will present Spice - a four nation (Portugal, Spain, UK and Attakkalari, India) collaborative work funded by the European Union as part of the inaugural performance at the festival.

Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts
24-04, BTS Bus Depot Road
Wilson Garden
Behind Mandovi Motors
Bangalore 560027
Tel: (91-80) - 22123684
Attakkalari center for movement arts

[ NAGARIKA ] launch presentation



DVD-ROM of an "integrated Information System on Indian Physical Traditions"
volume 1 Bharatanatyam

produced by Attakkalari Center of Movement Arts
supported by Daniel Langlois Foundation, Canada.

Inteview of Jayachandran Palazhy at Langlois Fondations for Arts, Science and Technology, May 29th 2007
part 1
part 2

Direction Jayachandran Palazhy
Co-direction Anusha Lall
Programming Kunihiko Matsuo
Screen Design Christian Ziegler

The evening celebrates the completion of this pioneering research on the movement language of Bharatanatyam. An interactive DVD on Bharatanatyam produced by Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, Bangalore, funded by the Daniel Langlois Foundation and supported by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore.

The 3-hour interactive DVD contains images of the masters and young artists in action, interviews, contextual information, analysis and explanation of principles of the movement language of the Kalakshetra style of Bharatanatyam.

07.02.2008 7.30 p.m.
Max Mueller Bhavan
By invitation only.
Goethe-Institut/MMB Bangalore

Thursday, 14.02.2008
7:30 p.m. onwards
Siddhartha Hall, Max Mueller Bhavan/ Goethe-Institut

Attakkalari center for movement arts

media Opera <h />our<br />link メディアオペラ アワーブリンク


2007/11/17(土) 18:30open/19:00start
2007/11/18(日) 16:30open/17:00start

演出:松尾邦彦 / 高橋英明
音楽:mjuc ( Hideaki Takahashi )
サポート:Uwe Haas
音響・live processing:mjuc / Uwe Haas
Vln.瀬堀玲実 吉成とも子 大和加奈 俣野良枝
Va:藤原歌花 村田恵子
Vc.村中俊之 友田唱



ATTAKKALARI - Purushartha

[2006/2] bangalore / india
collaboration work with Jayachandran Parazy(Attakkalari center for movement arts), Naoki Hamanaka, Mitsuaki Matsumoto

Nest - Color Schemed Shadow

[2006/01] BankArt Yokohama / Yokohama
Direction : Kazuhiro Ikeno
Realtime Video Rendering : Kunihiko Matsuo, Tomonori Tanami, Taro Nishimoto


[2005/11] Sogetsu Hall / Tokyo
sound effects for the performance [catastrophe study] directed by Noriyuki Tanaka

Shiteki Kaibou Jikken2.2+

[2004/12] UPLINK GALLERY / Tokyo
collaboration work with Natsuko Teduka
dance : Natsuko Teduka
Interactive system and sound design : Kunihiko Matsuo

SAL VANILLA - "amplified - Sal Vanilla version"

[2004/10] HK cultural centre / Hong Kong
collaboration work with RE[ ], Sal Vanilla, AO


[2004/07] at Spiral Hall / Tokyo ,at YCAM / Yamaguchi
collaboration performance work with Josef Hyde, Kazuyasu Kochi, Giga Hidume, Ao, Kenji Kikuchi

Breathing Braunschweig 2010

[Breathing Braunschweig] won first prize in the international ideas competition "The Presence of Time - City Architecture Art for Braunschweig"

collaboration work with femke bijlsma,naoki hamanaka,norio seta,allard roeterink,kunihiko matsuo,kyoko kimura,toru higuchi

Inside In

Concept & Direction : Anusha Lall
Kunihiko Matsuo,Margi Medlin,Allan Parker,Yamuna Devi,Ria Uttridge

Realtime Video Rendering for performance "Man Dance"

collaboration work with Chris Lechner ,Lior Lev,Thomas Mettler,Christos Strinopoulos (at st johns auditrium / Bangalore)


[2004/02/10] bangalore / India
artistic direction & choreography:Jayachandran Plazhy
performers: Hema Bharathy,Veena Basavarajaiah,Abhilash Ningappa,Mirra,Vidya Shimaladka,Rohini Narasimiah,K.S.Deepak,Rakesh,Elan R,Anusha Lall,Navtej Singh Johar, and Meera Janaki Krishnamurthy
Music:Jon Petter,Cathy Lane,Ashok Kumar,Roberto,Narain, M.D. Pallavi,Kunihiko Matsuo
interactive design:Kunihiko Matsuo
visual design:Allan Parker
lighting design:K R Nandakishore

SAL VANILLA - Realtime Video Rendering for [inter/action] in Singapore

[2003/10/23_25] Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay / Singapore
Kunihiko Matsuo participated in [inter/action] of Sal Vanilla performed in theater festival [Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay] held in Singapore in October, 2003 for real time video rendering/tech support.

66b/cell - Realtime Video Rendering for [test patches] in Seoul

Kunihiko Matsuo participated in [test-patches] of 66b/cell performed in SIDance2003 --the 6th seoul international dance festival-- held in Seoul in October, 2003 for real time video rendering/tech support.

KRAFTA - Realtime Video Rendering for [KRAFTA] at FERIA tokyo

The interactive-VJ performance by [KRAFTA] was performed in Nishi Azabu FERIA. It is the event which CAMEL sponsors. Kunihiko Matsuo participated for "realtime video rendering".
visuals/mixing : tetsutoshi tavata
realtime video renderling : Kunihiko Matsuo

KRAFTA - Realtime Video Rendering for [KRAFTA] at FERIA tokyo

Kunihiko Matsuo participated in the performance of [KRAFTA] in the Yokohama red brick warehouse for "realtime video rendering".
organizer/visuals : tetsutoshi tavata
dance : Koji Saegusa
sound : Kotaki Mitsuru (cell)
realtime video renderling : Kunihiko Matsuo


[DANSTOROMA] is the event which featured the dance of Hiromi Kosugi and the installation [STROMATOLITE] of Akiko Kaizu.
proposer: Kazuhiro Ikeno, Akiko Kaizu, Hiromi Kosugi
performance: Akiko Kaizu, Hiromi Kosugi, Tsuyoshi Shirai, Tsuyosi Hirata
Music: Kunihiko Matsuo

SAL VANILLA - Realtime Video Rendering for [lap top orchestra]/[inter/action]

[2003/06/25_26] Roppongi Hills Arena
[LAP TOP ORCHESTRA] by six artists(christphe charles /yoshihiro hanno / AOKI takamasa / yuzo kako / nibo / masaki narita / sakana hosomi)was performed. Kunihiko Matsuo participated by Realtime Video Rendering and visualized the sounds.

sound & visual for kuma project

The video [kuma project] by NISHIMOTO TARO(image) and Kunihiko Matsuo (music) was shown by the performance of [shadyears] by Tomoe Oonomi and Shimada KAORI.

Nest - [zbb]

Intermedia performance nest has continued announcing the work centering on CMprocess in recent years. However, the method adopted as the next was as follows. Each participating artist gathered fragmentary ideas, and started each project in parallel, and short pieces were made. Furthermore, the remix of those works was carried out, they were reconstructed, and it was made the work of about 1 hour. As Tsuyoshi Ozawa participated with the VTR work from NY, with this work, collaboration with many artists who participate in nest for the first time was realized.


This is a collaboration work by SAL VANNILA and CMP which were premiered in the Kanazawa Institute of Technology-sponsored project [Renaissance generation 2003] which Noriyuki Tanaka(Artist) and Shinsuke Shimojo(Psychologist) supervised.
visual:kunihiko matsuo/taro nishimoto
sound:kunihiko matsuo/akira yamamichi
performance:giga hizume/so ueda/golden suzuki

NHK TV [Tensai TV-kun wide]

This is the children's program broadcast in NHK. Children designed dress by themselves and directed the fashion show. We made the show successful in cooperation with children. The show was constituted / directed based on "SINE WAVE FILTER".
Stage design:Naoki Hamanaka and Takayuki Kuroda
Production: Takayuki Kuroda
choreograph: Yuzo Ishiyama and Hiromi Kosugi
Music: Kunihiko Matsuo


It is a work for web site of the project [Future Physical] by shinkansen which works London at a base. Please look at site of [Future Physical] for details.



Nest - [pm01:00-pm05:00]


This is the collaboration performance performed in the work of Tsuyoshi Ozawa [tire project glove jungle]. It is the project of 4 hours which analyzes Ozawa's interview video and spreads thread around in space based on directions of the analysis signal. Pink thread covered huge [glove jungle] and all [tire projects] the pile of used tires.

Creative Commons License
(C) Copyright 1998-2011, CMprocess/nest