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August 2002 Archive

August 13, 2002

CM process #1/ZBB


CM process#1 was made as a scene which constitutes [zbb]. It was made only by the basic methodology of CM process. The interactive system by the computer is not introduced with this work.
plan:Kunihiko Matsuo
sounds:Kunihiko Matsuo
visuals:Taro Nishimoto
motion graphics:Plug
lighting:Yuuji Sekiguchi (balance,inc.DESIGN)
performance:Kunihiko Matsuo,Bungo Kawaguchi (WIZ improvi-sa'-tion Theater,Hiroko Tanakawa,Miki Sato, Hiromi Kosugi,Masako Yasumoto,JOU
bear:Tomoe Oonomi
bear design:Mutsuo Matsuhashi


This is a collaboration work by SAL VANNILA and CMP which were premiered in the Kanazawa Institute of Technology-sponsored project [Renaissance generation 2003] which Noriyuki Tanaka(Artist) and Shinsuke Shimojo(Psychologist) supervised.
visual:kunihiko matsuo/taro nishimoto
sound:kunihiko matsuo/akira yamamichi
performance:giga hizume/so ueda/golden suzuki

Nest - [zbb]

Intermedia performance nest has continued announcing the work centering on CMprocess in recent years. However, the method adopted as the next was as follows. Each participating artist gathered fragmentary ideas, and started each project in parallel, and short pieces were made. Furthermore, the remix of those works was carried out, they were reconstructed, and it was made the work of about 1 hour. As Tsuyoshi Ozawa participated with the VTR work from NY, with this work, collaboration with many artists who participate in nest for the first time was realized.

August 14, 2002

CM process #2/ZBB


CM process#2 was made as a scene which constitutes [zbb]. With this work, the interactive system developed by Max/MSP etc. is introduced and the multistory and complicated system is realized.
plan/sounds/visuals : Kunihiko Matsuo
live camera:Taro Nishimoto
motion graphics:Plug
design:Naoki Hamanaka
programing:Kunihiko Matsuo
lighting:Yuuji Sekiguchi (balance,inc.DESIGN)
performance:Masako Yasumoto,Hiroko Tanakawa,Miki Sato

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