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[ HILUM ] SO & CO. So Ueda Dance Company in India 2015


at NIFT Bhubaneswar INDIA
28th Oct. 2015

Direction & Choreography : So Ueda
Sound : Satoru Hirashima / Mitsuaki Matsumoto
Visual & Lighting : Toru Higuchi / Kunihiko Matsuo
Costume : Nozomi Inoue
Dance & Choreography : Rieko Hirata / Kanta Sakamoto / Kiyotaka Suzuki
/ Junko Toyonaga / Misato Mochizuki / So Ueda
Concept Design, Technical Direction : Kunihiko Matsuo


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A multimedia dance performance that connects memories of the past, present, and future

1. Botany - the mark or scar on a seed produced by separation from its funicle or placenta. the nucleus of a granule of starch.
2. Mycology - a mark or scar on a spore at the point of attachment to the spore-bearing structure.
3. Anatomy - the region at which the vessels, nerves, etc., enter or emerge from a part.

This production is a live performance to share a new memory in the present moment and to connect past and future memories about the land.
In the playground of the abandoned Kawakami junior high school, there suddenly appears a stark-white hexagonal pillar which is alien to the surroundings of Kawakami' s deep nature.
The object looks like the earth' s navel or a window to another dimension. Various images, some of them alien to the land while others awake memories of the land, are projected onto the object. There, six performers dance as if they are laying a trail of new memories and then, as if they are reeling in old memories.
Electronic sounds, buzzing airwaves, and sounds from a distant land meld with the ambient sounds on the stage until they become indistinguishable from each other. There emerges a soundscape that has never been heard there before or since. The next moment, drums are beaten as if to drive the dancers.
Through the experience of this setting called performance, the audience will perceive the past, present, and future not as 'upper case history' but as a calm and incessant flow of time and will realize that he/she exists to constitute the memory of this time and this place.
Following the resident production and premiere in Kawakami, the piece will then be performed without any alteration, at special places in and out of Japan that are filled with history and memories as deep and still as those of the old Kawakami junior high school are.

20th Sep. 2014

「ウニラム」 SO & CO. 上田創ダンスカンパニー新作公演


[SO & CO. So UEDA Dance Company]
Established in 2014 by So Ueda gathering artists from various fields to explore possibilities of live corporeal expressions, free from any genre, format or style. Ueda has worked for various groups and projects related to Sal Vanilla from 1996: Butoh Kobo Wakashu, Daizu-ko Farm and others. He joined Yuzo Ishiyama/A.P.I in 2006. Based on butoh and martial arts, Ueda's dance is mostly improvisational.



[About "UNILUM"]
A new creation derived from the full-length piece HILUM which was premiered in Kagoshima in October 2014. A completely new piece although retaining the essence of the original, Unilam is scheduled to tour at various historical places around the country and abroad after its premiere at TPAM in Yokohama, without changing its content.
Running time : 40min

Direction & Choreography : So Ueda
Sound : Satoru Hirashima / Mitsuaki Matsumoto
Dance & Choreography : Rieko Hirata / Misato Mochizuki / So Ueda
Space & Lighting Design : Naoki Hamanaka
Concept Design, Visual & Technical Direction : Kunihiko Matsuo

2.10 Tue18:00
2.11 Wed12:00 / 15:00 / 18:00
Each performance has live by Satoru Hirashima and Mitsuaki Matsumoto, and post-show talk with guests.

at Ebisu Site
1-30-15 Site Build. B1 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013 JAPAN

[Post-show talk guests]
2/10 18:00 Xiao Ke (Performance Artist) & Zi Han (Audio Visual Artist)
2/11 12:00 Hideaki Takahashi(Composer /Musician)15:00 Satoru Kimura(Japan Women's University, Aesthetics/Dance researcher) 18:00 Muneteru Ujino(Artist)

[Main Collaborators]

Satoru HIRASHIMA Composer / Cajón and Percussions
Percussion player.
Flamenco, Jazz, Improvised music, Japanese classical music,Chanson,,,Contemporary Dance, Contemporary theater, and Poetry readings,,,etc,,,,,, stages and recording, play in a variety of fields.

Mitsuaki MATSUMOTO Composer / Live Electronics and Percussions
Mitsuaki MATSUMOTO is a "audio-visualist", composer, sound performer, improviser based in Kagoshima, plays in different countries.

Kunihiko MATSUO Concept Design / Visuals / Technical Director
MATSUO Kunihiko is a multimedia artist based in Tokyo and specializes in interactive technology, audio-visual design and contemporary dance.
More information:



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[ HILUM ] So & Co. 上田創ダンスカンパニー新作公演


ダンスカンパニー So & Co. 新作公演「HILUM」

日時 : 2014年10月5日(日) 18:30 開場 19:00 開演
場所 : 鹿児島県肝属郡肝付町後田6339 川上中学校校庭



演出・振付 : 上田創
出演 : 平多理恵子 坂本貫太 鈴木清貴 豊永洵子 望月美里 上田創
音楽 : 平島聡 松本充明
映像・照明 : 樋口徹 松尾邦彦
衣裳 : 井上のぞみ
宣伝美術 : 松橋睦生

担当 : 松本充明
電話 : 050-7534-5614
Eメール :



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By and with: Yuko Kominami
Media Art: Kunihiko Matsuo
Music: Tomás Tello
Lighting: Brice Durand

4th & 5th April | 20h00
Centre Culturel Régional opderschmelz 
1a, rue du Centenaire | L-3475 Dudelange

Tickets: | +352 47 08 95 - 1

Coproduction: Centre Culturel Régional opderschmelz and TROIS C-L
Support: Fonds Culturel National, Fondation Indépendance

Download Tech Rider SAI.pdf

[ PROJET O performance for children ] Reprises Berlin, Germany


© Bruno Baltzer


Trois danseurs et un musicien avancent sur un chemin comblé d'obstacles et d'embûches, à la recherche de la lune. Ils évoluent dans un espace scénique fait de lumière, d'images, de sons et de jeux. Les spectateurs peuvent laisser libre cours à leur imagination et se laisser emporter dans un monde de rêve...

Durée: 45 min.
Pour tout public à partir de 5 ans

Direction, composition musicale : Rajivan Ayyappan
Chorégraphie : Emanuela Iacopini, Yuko Kominami
Interprétation : Emanuela Iacopini, Yuko Kominami, Matsuo Kunihiko
Interprétation musicale : Ganesh Anandan, Rajivan Ayyappan
Création lumière : Matsuo Kunihiko, Nico Tremblay


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[ 振り出しにもどる ] by 佐藤美紀, Asahi Art Square Tokyo, Japan

名称未設定 2.jpg

8/6[土] 19:30-|1,500円







《Welcome To My Religion》

Whenever Wherever Festival 2011

[ The Chinese Room ] Korzo Theatre Den Haag, Netherland


The Chinese Room
collaboration with choreographer Kenneth Flak and light designer Thomas Dotzler

Kenneth Flak / produced by Korzo Theater, The Hague

Kenneth Flak
The Norwegian dancer and choreographer Kenneth Flak has for a number of years been active as a dancer and choreographer in the Netherlands and Norway. As a dancer, he appeared in various productions by André Gingras. In 2007 he was awarded the prestigious Bessie Award for his achievement in Gingras' solo CYP17. As a choreographer he created, amongst others, Unison, God Studies and Of Gods and Driftwood. The latter was included in the 2010 Blind Date tour.

The Chinese Room
His latest performance, The Chinese Room will premiere in the countdown dance weekend. The point of departure is the question of what is the next step in human evolution. Will the human race finally merge with machines and with each other, permanently linking us together in a universal organism? Together with dancer Külli Roosna, light designer Thomas Dotzler and multimedia artist Matsuo Kunihiko, Kenneth explores the new Humanity 2.0. Can we remain human in a networked reality where technology, biology, mind and power have all become one?

première 16 september 2010

Thursday 16 Sep, 20.30 uur
ticketsFriday 17 Sep, 20.30 uur
Normaal € 12,50 / Zomeraanbieding € 10,- / Profpas € 8,- / Student € 6,-


The Chinese Room- Kenneth Flak from Josanne Buiting on Vimeo.



17.04.10 - 21.04.10

La Lune avait disparu des cieux depuis des mois...
Les marées étaient dès lors invisibles et inaudibles,
Les bateaux tournaient en rond, cherchant en vain leur rive.
Chiens et loups se retrouvaient sans repos, hurlant jour et nuit.
Où était donc passée la Lune ? Dérobée, enlevée ?

« Projet O » est un conte moderne, une ravissante performance faite de jeux et de surprises, une chasse au trésor menée par trois danseurs et deux musiciens...
Retrouveront-ils la Lune ? elle, sa place dans le firmament ?

In ihrer vollendeten Form haben die geometrischen Grundfiguren Kreis und Kugel seit jeher große Faszination ausgelöst und die menschliche Vorstellung inspiriert.
Drei Tänzer und zwei Musiker sind auf der Suche nach dem Mond, der eines Tages urplötzlich verschwand.
Willkommen in einer von Farbe, Licht, Ton und Bewegung verzauberten runden Welt!
Direction/Concept : Rajivan Ayyappan / Choreography : Emanuela Iacopini, Yuko Kominami / Dancers : Yuko Kominami, Emanuela Iacopini, Matsuo Kunihiko / Musicians : Ganesh Anandan, Rajivan Ayyappan, Emre Sevindik, Tomas Tello /Interactive media : Matsuo Kunihiko/light design: Nico Tremblay

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[ Sickroom # Ji ] JULI DANS - Amsterdam, Netherland


XiaoKe and Matsuo presents Sickroom # Ji 病房II --《几号病房》

World Premiere
Date : 2008 July 7th
Time : 20.00
Venue : De Balie

Sickroom II -"Sickroom # Ji" Prototype showing in Caochangdi Workstation BeiJing


病房II --《几号病房》

Date:December 27 to 28,2007 (Friday & Saturday)
Venue: Caochangdi Workstation

Dancers:LiZhen XiaoKe
Video:Matsuo Kunihiko
Sound:Matsuo Kunihiko

Lighting Design:Matsuo Kunihiko XiaoKe
Stage Design:Matsuo Knihiko LiZhen
Costume Design:Xiaoke Lizhen

Production Structure:
Part 1:Losing(10 mins)
Conversion:Critical point(5 mins)
Part 2:Coexisting(10 mins)

草场地工作站 CCD Workstation BeiJing
End: Dispearing(5 mins)

Miki Sato - [ c-e ]

[2006/09,11] New National Theatre / Tokyo, Aube Hall / Toyama
Direction : Miki Sato []
Music : Kunihiko Matsuo (Composition and Programming), Mitsuaki Matsumoto (Live electronics)
Satoru Hirashima (Cajón)
Projection and Lighting design : Kunihiko Matsuo (Programming, Realtime video rendering and Design) , Norio Seta (Design)
Dance / Choreograph : Kota Yamazaki,Tomohiko Tsujimoto,Otoko Nakamura,Miki Sato

Nest - Vanishing Points 30

Nest - Vanishing Points 30

Direction: Miki Sato Visual and System : Teturo Tsuji Sound : Shotaro Hirata Lighting Box : Kazuyasu Kouchi Costume : Michiyo Sato Choreograph and Performance : Ai Kojima, Miki Sato, Ippei Shiba, Hamutsun Serve, Maki Morishita, Risa Yamamoto, Yuko Yamamoto Production members : Kazuyasu Kouchi, Norio Seta, Teturo Tsuji, Taro Nishimoto, Naoki Hamanaka, Shotaro Hirata, Naoto Iina, Keita Ishii, Michiyo Sato premiere 25-27/March/2005 Tokyo


Nest - [coded : decoded]


Interactive multi-media installation by Naoki Hamanaka & Kunihiko Matsuo

CM process #2/ZBB


CM process#2 was made as a scene which constitutes [zbb]. With this work, the interactive system developed by Max/MSP etc. is introduced and the multistory and complicated system is realized.
plan/sounds/visuals : Kunihiko Matsuo
live camera:Taro Nishimoto
motion graphics:Plug
design:Naoki Hamanaka
programing:Kunihiko Matsuo
lighting:Yuuji Sekiguchi (balance,inc.DESIGN)
performance:Masako Yasumoto,Hiroko Tanakawa,Miki Sato

CM process #1/ZBB


CM process#1 was made as a scene which constitutes [zbb]. It was made only by the basic methodology of CM process. The interactive system by the computer is not introduced with this work.
plan:Kunihiko Matsuo
sounds:Kunihiko Matsuo
visuals:Taro Nishimoto
motion graphics:Plug
lighting:Yuuji Sekiguchi (balance,inc.DESIGN)
performance:Kunihiko Matsuo,Bungo Kawaguchi (WIZ improvi-sa'-tion Theater,Hiroko Tanakawa,Miki Sato, Hiromi Kosugi,Masako Yasumoto,JOU
bear:Tomoe Oonomi
bear design:Mutsuo Matsuhashi

Nest & Dansgrope Krisztina de Chatel - LinkAge


[2000/07/01] Paradiso / Amsterdam, Japan Foundation Forum / Tokyo
This is a collaboration work with the dance company of the Netherlands "Dansgrope Krisztina de Chatel". After preparing in Tokyo and Amsterdam, we did joint work for six weeks in Amsterdam.

[re/creation] salon organized by nest

The salon [re/creation] is held in Aoyama [coexistence] on Friday biweekly from April, 2000 to June. It was the event performed for the purpose of showing the creating methods and thought of nest, such as CM process, in unaffected space called "salon".



[1999/03/21-22] Laforet Roppongi / Tokyo
Circulation Module was constituted by some short pieces for 10 minutes built with CM process. However, in SINE WAVE FILTER with exactly 60 minute length, work by CM process was tried over the whole volume.

Nest - Circulation Module


CM process began to show a clear form with this work. And the project of developing "a work process as a work" began. Incidentally, "CM" of CM process is taken from the title of this work [Circulation Module].

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