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CMprocess - technologies for generative performance

CMprocess is the tools and methodologies for building a performance work. With "Intermedia performance unit nest", the epoch-making methodology produced many remarkable works, and has received high evaluation.

One of the themes in development of CMprocess is groping for the possibility of group work.The work system of the "top-down type" by the one director is common in the spot of the conventional performance work (dance, theater, performance, etc.). However, in CMprocess, it is the feature to have realized the system of "network type" "group work type".


Moreover, CMprocess is what carried out the modeling of the structure of a present-day complicated city, and the biological structure in a nature. Therefore, it brings about a predicting and non-planning harmony-occurrence. That is, the work made by CMprocess gains a possibility of producing an unexpected image.
With the work made by CMprocess, various elements which constitute a work generate a complicated temporary occurrence by exchanging information for real time. Then, all the things of the happening occurrence are accidental and inevitable.

The possibility of group work
From a "top-down type" to "a network type"
Real-time generation
The simulation of a present age city
self assemble/self organize


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