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[City On The Move] Attakkalari India Biennial 2009. Opening event


Kunihiko MATSUO will be joining the opening site specific performance of Attakkalari India Biennial 2009 to be held on the 6th February 2009.

Attakkalari India Biennial will open with On the Move - a dynamic site-specific promenade performance featuring dance, martial arts, acoustic and computer generated music, visual projections, large scale colorful carnival costumes and innovative lights. On the Move will challenge the idea of space and architecture by offering new perceptions of the site of performance linking it to the city- its locations, histories and lives of the people. Electrifying moves of dancers and martial artists from India, Spain, Africa and the UK are set to a captivating score by Lorenzo Brucci and a team of Indian and Portugese percussionists. Site design, visual projections and lights are by Japanese artists Kunihiko Matsuo, Naoki Hamanaka and Mitsuaki Matsumoto as well as Christian Ziegler (Germany) and Thomas Dotzler (Sweden). Spectacular costumes are designed by Ali Pretty and team from Kinetika (UK).

Capturing the spirit of migration, relocation and enduring flux, On the Move invokes images of disciplined martial practices and dance traditions; chaotic streets teeming with automobiles, people and activities; colorful markets, houses of worships, construction sites and call centers; processions, festivities and exercises in the park etc. Truly a collaborative effort of artists from different parts of the world, drawing from their individual journeys as well as the historical ones such as spice trades of yester years, On the Move portrays urban life, its little joys as well as trials and tribulations.

Physical performance:
Led by choreographers such as Jayachandran Palazhy, Moya Michael (Belgium), Jou (Japan), Anani (Africa) as well as Spanish & British choreographers of Brouhaha, Nakula Somana, Dil Sagar, Rakesh, Hema Bharathy and Denny Paul celebrated Kalari martial artists from India, contemporary dancers from the UK, Africa and India as well as Flamenco dancers from Spain create a rich and fresh movement language for the piece. Dynamic contemporary moves mix with distilled lines of Bharatanatyam and exuberance of Bollywood dance. Local folk artists (dancers)

Classical sounds of L Subramanium (in negotiation), Hariharan (Mizhavu) and a team of percussionists will be woven into a fabric of sound scapes created by Lorenzo Brucci, Kunihiko Matsuo and Mitsuaki Matsumoto by mapping the city sonically. Sounds of the city - builders, widening roads, markets, call centre taxis, motorcycles, autos, push carts, cafes, bars, Mobile phones, ring tones, FM radio etc. will feed into the sonic fabric of the piece.

Visual treatment and interactivity:
Cutting edge digital artist Kunihiko Matsuo and Christian Ziegler will work on the visual projections and interactive scenography of the piece challenging and shifting our perceptions. Architect Naoki Hamanaka and light designer Thomas Dotzler will enhance the visual feast with imaginative lighting.

Ali Pretty and her team from Kinetika will work with students of National Institute of Fashion Technology

This UK-based organization develops quality arts and cultural projects and programmes including carnivals that meet the aspirations of diverse communities at a local, national and international level. They will present Spice - a four nation (Portugal, Spain, UK and Attakkalari, India) collaborative work funded by the European Union as part of the inaugural performance at the festival.

Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts
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Wilson Garden
Behind Mandovi Motors
Bangalore 560027
Tel: (91-80) - 22123684
Attakkalari center for movement arts

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