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[ The Chinese Room ] Korzo Theatre Den Haag, Netherland


The Chinese Room
collaboration with choreographer Kenneth Flak and light designer Thomas Dotzler

Kenneth Flak / produced by Korzo Theater, The Hague

Kenneth Flak
The Norwegian dancer and choreographer Kenneth Flak has for a number of years been active as a dancer and choreographer in the Netherlands and Norway. As a dancer, he appeared in various productions by André Gingras. In 2007 he was awarded the prestigious Bessie Award for his achievement in Gingras' solo CYP17. As a choreographer he created, amongst others, Unison, God Studies and Of Gods and Driftwood. The latter was included in the 2010 Blind Date tour.

The Chinese Room
His latest performance, The Chinese Room will premiere in the countdown dance weekend. The point of departure is the question of what is the next step in human evolution. Will the human race finally merge with machines and with each other, permanently linking us together in a universal organism? Together with dancer Külli Roosna, light designer Thomas Dotzler and multimedia artist Matsuo Kunihiko, Kenneth explores the new Humanity 2.0. Can we remain human in a networked reality where technology, biology, mind and power have all become one?

première 16 september 2010

Thursday 16 Sep, 20.30 uur
ticketsFriday 17 Sep, 20.30 uur
Normaal € 12,50 / Zomeraanbieding € 10,- / Profpas € 8,- / Student € 6,-


The Chinese Room- Kenneth Flak from Josanne Buiting on Vimeo.

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