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[ The Chinese Room ] tour in Netherland 18. January-15. February


Kenneth Flak | Korzo producties

The performance The Chinese Room premiered in 2010. The point of departure is the question of what is the next step in human evolution. Will the human race finally merge with machines and with each other, permanently linking us together in a universal organism? Together with dancer Külli Roosna, light designer Thomas Dotzler and multimedia artist Matsuo Kunihiko, Kenneth explores the new Humanity 2.0. Can we remain human in a networked reality where technology, biology, mind and power have all become one?

Choreography, music, dance Kenneth Flak | Dance Külli Roosna | Light Design Thomas Dotzler | Multimedia Design Matsuo Kunihiko | Dramaturgical Advice Thomas Falk | Supported by The Norwegian Arts Council, Norwegian Fund for Sound and Image, Moderna Dansteatern/SITE, University of Dance and Circus, Stockholm / Special thanks to: Kulczyk Foundation, Poznan and Dansalliansen, Stockholm

January 18: The Chinese Room at Ainsi, Maastricht, The Netherlands
January 19: The Chinese Room at Plaza Futura, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
February 3-4: The Chinese Room in the Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
February 7: The Chinese Room in Toneelschuur, Haarlem, The Netherlands
February 9: The Chinese Room at De Gouvernestraat, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
February 10: The Chinese Room in Chassé Theater, Breda, The Netherlands
February 11-12: The Chinese Room in Theater De Kikker, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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