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'Good Bye Campanella' Studio showing at Danscentrum Syd.


Concept by Rumiko Otsuka
Audio/visual artist: Junji Koyanagi & Kunihiko Matsuo
Performed by: Rumiko Otsuka & Khamlane Halsackda

I would like to welcome you to my studio showing at Danscetrum Syd. This is a result of what I researched in Japan with 2 audio/visual artist, Junji Koyanagi and Kunihiko Matsuo, in Tokyo in January. 'Good Bye Campanella' is influenced by a popular Japanese fairy tale written by author Kenji Miyazawa. A literary, scientific, and religious fable, ' Milky Way Railroad' depicts a universe that is intensely sad yet profoundly miraculous.

I would like to share our experiment and receive feedback from the audience to aid further develop. A premiere is scheduled Autumn 2015, funded by Malmö stad.

This research period is funded/supported by Konstnärsnämnden, and Danscentrum Syd.

22 Feb 2014 19:00
Danscentrum Syd
Bergsgatan 29, 21422 Malmö

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