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February 26, 2016

[ HILUM ] SO & CO. So Ueda Dance Company in India 2015


at NIFT Bhubaneswar INDIA
28th Oct. 2015

Direction & Choreography : So Ueda
Sound : Satoru Hirashima / Mitsuaki Matsumoto
Visual & Lighting : Toru Higuchi / Kunihiko Matsuo
Costume : Nozomi Inoue
Dance & Choreography : Rieko Hirata / Kanta Sakamoto / Kiyotaka Suzuki
/ Junko Toyonaga / Misato Mochizuki / So Ueda
Concept Design, Technical Direction : Kunihiko Matsuo


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A multimedia dance performance that connects memories of the past, present, and future

1. Botany - the mark or scar on a seed produced by separation from its funicle or placenta. the nucleus of a granule of starch.
2. Mycology - a mark or scar on a spore at the point of attachment to the spore-bearing structure.
3. Anatomy - the region at which the vessels, nerves, etc., enter or emerge from a part.

This production is a live performance to share a new memory in the present moment and to connect past and future memories about the land.
In the playground of the abandoned Kawakami junior high school, there suddenly appears a stark-white hexagonal pillar which is alien to the surroundings of Kawakami' s deep nature.
The object looks like the earth' s navel or a window to another dimension. Various images, some of them alien to the land while others awake memories of the land, are projected onto the object. There, six performers dance as if they are laying a trail of new memories and then, as if they are reeling in old memories.
Electronic sounds, buzzing airwaves, and sounds from a distant land meld with the ambient sounds on the stage until they become indistinguishable from each other. There emerges a soundscape that has never been heard there before or since. The next moment, drums are beaten as if to drive the dancers.
Through the experience of this setting called performance, the audience will perceive the past, present, and future not as 'upper case history' but as a calm and incessant flow of time and will realize that he/she exists to constitute the memory of this time and this place.
Following the resident production and premiere in Kawakami, the piece will then be performed without any alteration, at special places in and out of Japan that are filled with history and memories as deep and still as those of the old Kawakami junior high school are.

20th Sep. 2014

"Hej då Campanella!" inspired by a story 'Night On The Milky Way Train' by Kenji Miyazawa

スクリーンショット 2016-02-26 16.31.59.png
Photography Nelson Rodriquez-Smith

60 min. Multi Media Dance Performance

5th Dec. 2015
INKONST Malmö, Sweden

Rumiko Otsuka: Director / Choreographer / Dancer
Kunihiko Matsuo: Co-director, Scenographer / Audio & visual artist
Junji Koyanagi: Programing, Scenographer / Audio & visual artist
Elin Weileth: Composer / Dancer
Imre Zsibrik:Technick / Lighting Design
Chiara Pellizzer: Costume
Khosro Adibi / Khamlane Halsackda: Dramaturgy / Mentor
Hanna Falk: Producer

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Inspired by the book Night on the milky way train by the japanese authour Kenji Miyazawa coreographer Rumiko Otsuka makes her first full lenght performance adressing the question of self-sacrifice in realtion to happiness.
Hej då Campanella! is a Swedish/Japanese collaboration between choreographer Rumiko Otsuka and audio and visual artists Kunihiko Matsuo and juni Koyanagi.
The beloved japanese author Kenji Miazawa (d. 1933) is a representation of japanese traditions. As a devoted buddist self-sacrifice is a reoccuring theme in his litterary world and is also one of the hightest valued virtues in Japan. By investigating Miyazawas work Rumiko Otsuka explores our relation to self-sacrifice as a way to happiness.

Kenji Miyazawa
(1896-1933) is one of Japan' s most beloved writers and poets, known particularly for his sensitive and symbolist children' s fiction.
120 years ago the author Kenji Miyazawa was born in Hanamaki, the northern part of Japan, He was a teacher, an engineer and a philosopher.
He lived in an era when the treat of world war II was growing and he died at the early age of 37, in 1933.
Through his stories he reflected his experiences of life and the philosophies that he believed, greatly influenced by his sister' s death.
Night on the milky way train is a collection of journey' s. A child' s journey through life .... and death, symbolizing the path we all take and the choices we must make...

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