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[ URUVAM ] by Hemabharathy Palani ,Rangashankara, Bangalore India



Hemabharathy Palani ,India
Jan 30th, 7.30 PM (a part of Mixed Bill -an evening of six eclectic performances) Rangashankara

Hemabharathy Palani -- winner of the Robert Bosch Young Choreographer's Award 2009 -- has evolved a unique movement style by blending the distilled vocabularies of Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi with the freedom of contemporary dance. Hemabharathy uses the Indian mythological story of Ambe as a starting point for Uruvam. Though versions of the story differ in their facts, the central theme of anguish and the giving up of one's body and sexual identity in order to access a greater range of rights and actions remains. The stories underline the sense of power and conflict that this decision to change entails. Hemabharathy draws inspiration from these to create her piece Uruvam, where she has delved into the ideas of form and transformation.

Choreography, Performance Hemabharathy Palani
Music Composition & Production Leah Barclay
Vocals Sumathi Murthy
Light Design K.R. Nandakishore
Set Design Arun Sagar
Digital Design Matsuo Kunihiko
Interactive Projection (Assisted by) Shymon Chelad
Costume Design Sonali & Himanshu of Hidden Harmony Video Documentation Tahireh Lal
Photo Credits Sheetal Jain & Anoop Kumar

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