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[ The Chinese Room ] Norway Tour


The Chinese Room
collaboration with choreographer Kenneth Flak and light designer Thomas Dotzler

What's the next stage in the evolution of humanity? Will we finally merge with the machines and with each other, creating the New Human, Humanity 2.0, permanently wired into the universal Mind of Mankind, finally dissolved, finally rid of individual existence...

In The Chinese Room Kenneth Flak hurls himself and his collaborators Külli Roosna, Thomas Dotzler, Matsuo Kunihiko and Thomas Falk into an investigation of what it is to be human in a networked reality, searching for links between the technologies of power, the technologies of the mind and the technologies of information. How do these technologies shape the body? How does the body shape these technologies? Where is the mind in all of this? Will we still be human if we merge with the machines? Or are we already machines--free at least from the messy business of the flesh?

5 March 2011 : The Chinese Room at Utsikten Kunstsenter, Kvinesdal, Norway
7 March 2011 : The Chinese Room at Vågsbygd videregående skole in Kristiansand, Norway.
8 March 2011 : The Chinese Room at KKG in Kristiansand, Norway

Watch trailer: The Chinese Room

The Chinese Room- Kenneth Flak from Josanne Buiting on Vimeo.

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